Categories Drinking Game Rules

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The Categories drinking game is a word drinking game that is often used as a mini-game within some other card drinking games like Kings or Circle of Death. This game is one where a player chooses a category such as “Car Manufacturers” or “Types of cereal” and then players go around in turn trying to name something within that category that nobody else has named.

What You’ll Need

Since this is only a vocal drinking game you won’t need anything for this other than some drinks a bit of brain power. This game works best if players sit in a circle. It also works with any number of players as long as there’s at least 3.

Categories Drinking Game Rules

This game usually goes in a clockwise order. On someone’s turn they come up with whichever category they want. Then the next player must come up with something within that category. Players take turns saying things in the category until someone repeats something that has already been said or fails to come up with something. Loser takes a sip of their drink and then gets to choose the category for the next round.

3 Second Rule

If a player can’t come up with something within 3 seconds, they lose.

Challenging the category

If a player decides they don’t like someone’s category choice they can “challenge” it. Meaning the player who came up with the category has to name 3 things within the category themselves. If they succeed the challenger must drink, otherwise they have to come up with a new category.

Category Ideas

In case you’re having trouble coming up with some categories here’s some examples:

  • Car Manufacturers
  • Sex Positions
  • Types of Cereal
  • Medical Equipment
  • Sex Toys
  • Colors
  • Reasons to Call in Sick to Work

The Categories drinking game is great because it’s easy to play and easy to set up. Plus it doesn’t require a ton of alcohol consumption so it’s a good casual game.