10 Amazing Dice Drinking Games You’ve Never Tried Before

Below is a list of what we believe to be the 10 funnest dice drinking games you can play. They’re in no particular order since they’re all pretty darn good. So if you’re tired of flipping cards and assigning drinks grab a couple dice and pick out your favorite dice drinking game from the list! If you want expanded rules to any of these games just click on the title of the game to be brought to a more thorough rules page.

Our 10 Favorite Dice Drinking Games

Extreme 3 Man

Extreme 3 Man is a version of the classic 3-Man that we created that slowly over time adapted so many new rules that it’s only a shell of what it used to be. Which is a good thing. Unlike the regular version of 3man this game requires 5 dice.

To start players take turns rolling 1 die until someone gets a 3. They are 3man and the player to the left of them rolls first and the game begins. Players take turns in a clockwise order rolling all 5 dice. If a player rolls a 3, 3man drinks. If a player rolls a 5, they drink themselves. If a player rolls 3-of-a-kind of any number they become the new 3man. If a player rolls 4-of-a-kind of any number they get to create a new game rule.

Chase The Ace

Chase the ace is one of our personal favorite games for just how tense it can get when that other die is making it’s way to you. This one requires 2 dice and works best with at least 6 people.

To start two players are picked to start that are across the table from each other. At the count of 3 the game starts and both players start rolling. They continue to roll until they get a ‘one’ which allows them to pass the die to the left.

  • 1: pass the die to the left
  • 2: Nothing
  • 3: Nothing
  • 4: Player to the left drinks
  • 5: Player to the right drinks
  • 6: Player who is rolling drinks

If ever a player ends up with both dice at the same time, they lose the game. They must chug a full drink.

Drunken Yahtzee

This drinking variation of the classic dice game Yahtzee is a Chuggernaut’s original and simply adds some fun drinking rules to the regular version of the game.

So as players play a regular game of Yahtzee every time they roll a 1 they must drink. Every time they “lock in” a 1 at the end of their turn they must drink twice. If any player gets a Yahtzee they can force another player to finish their drink. At the end of the game you drink for every 50 points behind first place you are.


Avalanche is a simple drinking game that only requires a single die and an empty cup. Players take turns rolling the die in a clockwise order and doing the action required hoping not to chug the central glass. There’s no real end to this game so just play until everyone has gotten their fill.

  • 1 – Pass the die to the left
  • 2 – Double the amount of drink in the glass. (stop if full)
  • 3 – Drink the glass. Pass the die to the left.
  • 4 – Last player to touch the floor must drink the glass.
  • 5 – Roll again. If it’s another 5 choose a player to drink the glass.
  • 6 – Pass the die to the left

Left Right Center

Left Right Center can get pretty intense as every player slowly gets whittled down. This game also requires a glass and some coins so make sure you have those items handy. Each player starts with 3 coins and the object is not to lose all your coins. If coins aren’t available any kind of token will do. Players take turns rolling a single die to see if they will lose any coins.

  • 1 – Nothing.
  • 2 – Nothing.
  • 3 – Nothing.
  • 4 – Give one coin to the player on the left.
  • 5 – Give one coin to the player on the right.
  • 6 – Place one coin in the glass in the middle and then put as much of your drink as you want in the glass.

Whenever a player gets knocked out (loses all their coins) they must drink whatever is in the middle glass. Play continues until everyone is eliminated but one player who is crowned the victor.


Although there’s many different versions of this game such as Mexicali but we find Kinito to be the best one. The object of this game is to roll higher than the player before you or at least bluff and pretend you did without them calling you out.

Players take turns rolling 2 dice in an opaque cup. They then chose a number to say. The next player can either accept what they said or try to call their bluff. If they call their bluff correctly the roller drinks, if they call their bluff incorrectly the caller drinks.

The value of the roll is the sum of the two dice. There are exceptions however. Any double are worth more than non-doubles. So double-ones are worth more than a 9. If at any point someone rolls a 2 and a 1 this is a “Kinito”. They immediately lift the cup and everyone drinks.

Sevens, Elevens and Doubles

Sevens, Elevens and Doubles is one of those games that can either go by smoothly or be extremely frustrating as you down another drink praying to whatever deity you believe in that your opponent stops rolling a seven.

This game is a race to roll as quickly as possible to get one of 3 rolls before your opponent can finish their drink.

First a starting roller and drinker are chosen. The drinker must pour themselves half a cup of drink. At the count of 3 the game begins. The roller must roll two dice as quickly as possible to roll Seven (a total of seven), Eleven (A total of eleven) or Doubles (two of the same number). If the drinker finishes before the roller can get one of these numbers they win and become the new roller, and choose a new drinker. If the roller gets their roll before the cup is finished then the drinker must fill their cup back up to the halfway mark and keep trying. This can get extremely frustrating if the roller keeps getting it on the first couple rolls which is likely to happen.

Shuffle Dice

Shuffle dice is another game we created that is played sort of similar to shuffle board but with dice and a scoring system. It requires a die and a nice long table with some kind of marking (like tape or marker) on each end to mark each teams end zone.

Teams take turns trying to roll a die across the table hoping to land it in the other teams endzone without it rolling off the table. If they succeed they score points equal to whatever the roll was, and the opposing team must split that many drinks. Games are played up to 25 points typically. As play goes on if any player finishes a drink they are allowed to place in on their side of the table (outside of the endzone) to try to use it as a blocker to stop the opposing teams rolls.


This dice drinking game is one of the simpler ones out there, but that’s not to say it’s not fun. It’s a quick and effective way to down a few beers. This game requires 6 shot glasses in a row that represent 1 to 6.

Players take turns rolling a die. If the corresponding shot glass is empty they may fill it with whatever they want. If it’s full they have to drink it. That’s it!


One to five is another dice game that we created recently that simply requires 1 die and some drinks. Couldn’t get much easier than that!

The premise of the game is that players take turns rolling the one die. If they get a 1-5 they claim that number. Now when anyone else rolls that number the player who claimed it drinks. If anyone rolls a 6 they get to “wipe” a number, making it available for claiming again. If ever a player has 3 separate numbers claimed they must finish their drink. If ever all numbers are claimed at once (except 6) then each player must cheers and finish their drink, the game is done.


These are our picks for best dice drinking games out there, but if you’re want to check out our full list of dice games you can see it here. We have a pretty vast collection so feel free to poke around and find something that will work best for you. For anyone who loves dice games or just dice in general we suggest checking out Dice-Play to get a closer look. As always, if you do choose to play any of these games, please make sure to drink responsibly.