Sevens, Elevens and Doubles

The Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles drinking game is a game where players try to race to finish a cup of drink before their opponent rolls one of the required results. It’s a deceptively heavy drinking game and fairly easy to play so it makes for a great party starter.


2 dice, a cup, and drinks.

Set up:

place the empty cup in the center of the table and choose a player to roll first.


This game is a race to roll 7, 11, or doubles before the opponent can finish their drink. Players take turns rolling until someone gets one of the aforementioned results and then they pick someone to have to drink the cup. Once that player touches the cup the other player can start rolling, if he rolls one of the results before the player slams the empty cup down they must refill it and try again until they succeed.


Sevens, Elevens and Doubles rules:

First players must decide on a starting player. He rolls both dice. If he doesn’t get a total of 7, 11, or get two matching dice then he passes the dice to his left and players continue to roll going clockwise. Once a player rolls one of those results he picks any other player in the game to play against.

The player that successfully rolled the result is the Roller, and the player he chose is the Drinker. The drinker must add about 3 shots of their drink into the cup. Once the drink is filled both players wait for the Drinker to touch the cup with his hand. Once he touches the cup the Roller can start rolling. If the Roller can roll seven, eleven or doubles before the Drinker can finish the cup and slam it down on the table then the Drinker must repeat the entire process again. If he can successfully finish the drink and slam it down before the Roller makes one of those rolls then he wins and then play continues clockwise as before.



The Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles drinking game can be a heavy amount of drinking especially if you’re the type of person to make enemies in these kind of games. At first having only a couple gulps of drink in a cup doesn’t sound like much but once you realize that “7s, 11s, and doubles” is over 1/3 of all possible roll results you start to see why it’s enough. It’s very possible for the Roller to roll correctly multiple times in a row so get ready for some pretty serious drinking.