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Extreme 3-Man

Chuggernauts Original : Extreme 3-Man

Extreme 3 Man is a take on the classic 3 Man drinking game. It uses 5 dice instead of 3 and generally consists of way more drinking. This game only carries a few rules from the original 3 Man since most of the rules have been adapted or removed.


5 dice, 1 hat and drinks.


This game is easy to play anywhere. Once 3-Man is selected players take turns rolling all 5 dice and taking drinks based on their rolls. Before the game starts players take turns rolling a single die until someone gets the number 3. That person becomes the 3-Man, puts on the hat and takes the first roll.



Whenever any player rolls a 5, they drink 1.

Whenever any player rolls a 3, 3-man drinks 1.

Whenever any player rolls 3 of a kind they become the new 3-Man. They also take the hat from the previous 3-Man.

Whenever someone rolls 4 of a kind they get to make a new game rule. This can be anything.

Whenever someone rolls 5 of a kind they have to chug a full drink. (Don’t worry this is extremely rare).


Additional rules:

If the player who is already 3 man rolls 3 of a kind he becomes Double-3-Man. He must now wear the hat upside down and drinks double the amount he would normally drink until someone else becomes 3-Man.

If Double-3-Man once again rolls 3 of a kind he becomes the Anti-3-Man. Now whenever he is supposed to take any drinks he instead gives out those drinks to whoever he wants.

This game doesn’t have an ending point. Just play until you feel you’ve played enough. Take a break if you need one. Extreme 3 man is great for anyone who wants to play a drinking game that’s doesn’t require a ton of attention.