Kinito Drinking Game

The Kinito Drinking Game is a very simple dice game reminiscent of Mexicali or other bluffing games. It’s easy to play and easy to follow. The object of the game is to get a higher score than the player before you. Or at least pretend you do and have them believe you.


2 dice, a cup and drinks.

Set up:

Decide on a starting player and pass him both dice and the cup.


Kinito is a game where players roll both dice in secret and hope to get a higher number than the previous role. They can also bluff to pretend their role was higher. Rolling a Kinito is an automatic victory.

Kinito Rules:

The idea is to roll higher than your opponents or drink for failing to do so.  Once a starting player is chosen he rolls both dice making sure to keep them under the cup where other players can’t see them. The player then calls out a number that he wants the other players to believe is the total of the dice he rolled.

The next person then decides whether they believe the first player or not. If they do, they are forced to call a higher score than the one they have accepted after rolling the dice.If a player does not believe the role they can lift the cup. If the number matches what they said the player who lifted the cup drinks, otherwise the roller drinks. Play continues like this going clockwise until a player either fails to beat someone’s score or is called out on a bluff. Then play restarts with a new first roll.

In the game of Kinito doubles are worth more than any sum of rolls. For example Double 1s is worth more than a total of 8. But double twos is more than double ones. If a player ever rolls a 1 and a 2 then he calls “Kinito” and lifts the cup. Each other player drinks.



The Kinito drinking game is easy to grasp and moves along very quickly. The bluffing aspect of the game becomes really interesting especially when a rally has been going on for far too long.