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The Ultimate Yahtzee Drinking Game

Yahtzee Drinking Game -

The Yahztee Drinking Game adds a few simple twists to this classic dice game. For the most part the game plays out as normal but certain rolls cause players to give out drinks and certain rolls cause players to take some drinks themselves.

For anyone who isn’t aware, Yahtzee is a simple dice game reminiscent of poker. Players take turns rolling up to 5 dice and try to build the roll that’s worth the most points. At the end of the game each player tallies up all their points via the Yahtzee score card and then a winner is decided. You can enjoy playing theĀ Yahtzee game online for free.

Yahtzee Rules


The game Yahtzee and drinks.

Set up:

Set up the game as normal, ensuring every character has a score card.


The game of Yahtzee is played as normal. With a few added exceptions to cause for drinking. Players drink for rolling 1s, having other players score a Yahztee and for losing in the final score breakdown. There’s also an optional cheaters rule to spice things up a bit.

Yahtzee drinking rules:


Whenever a player rolls a one he must drink one. If the player has any ones frozen in his final roll, he must drink 3 for each one.


Whenever a player rolls a Yahtzee he can assign someone to finish their drink. However if it’s a Yahtzee of ones, he must finish his own drink.

End of the game:

At the end of the game players drink based on their final score relative to the player that won the game.

  • If the player got 25 points less than first place, he must drink twice.
  • If the player got 50 points less than first place, he must drink 5 times.
  • If the player got 100 or more points less than first place, he must finish his drink.

Optional Rule: Filthy Cheater

This optional rule allows players to cheat in whichever way they want. Re-rolling dice when other players aren’t looking, writing in their scores wrong, anything. But if a player is caught cheating he must finish his drink.

Other Great Drinking Rules To Common Games

The Yahtzee Drinking Game is a great alternative to a more traditional dice drinking game. This game is a blast and will be a ton of drinking especially if you’re a schmuck who can’t stop rolling 1s. The optional rule is also a great way to add a bit of extra excitement and keep players on their toes.