Shuffle Dice – A Brand New Competitive Dice Drinking Game

Dice Toss -

The Chuggernauts’ Original Shuffle Dice has players trying to land a die on the opponents side without falling off the end of the table. This game is somewhere between Beer Die and shuffle board. It’s one of those games that seems fairly simple on the surface but gets increasingly difficult as the night progresses. And since it only requires a few seconds to set up it’s easy to get going at any party or social event.



Tape ( or thread or anything to make a line with), dice and drinks.


Teams try to get their die to land in their opponents scoring zone without hitting any of the strategically placed beer cans on the way there. If they succeed they score points equal to the number showing on the die and the opposing team must also split that many drinks. First to 25 points wins.

Set up:

Players or teams of players stand at each of the a table the long way. From there each player places a line of tape or thread crossing the table about 12 inches from their end of the table. This will be the scoring zone for the opposing team. Then each player places their beer mines anywhere on their side of the table but outside of the scoring zone.


Shuffle Dice Rules:

This game can either be played 1v1 or 2v2. Once teams are decided they stand at opposite ends of the table the long way. Each team gets 1 die; the dice chosen should be similar and 6 sided. Each team gets to place 2 beer cans/cups/bottles on their side of the table outside of the scoring zones to try and block the opposing teams shots. These are the teams “Beer Mines”. Team captains then roll to decide who gets to go first.

Once decided the starting team tries to throw the die into the opponent’s scoring zone where one of two things can happen.

  1. The die falls off the table or stops on the table outside of the scoring zone. The player that threw the die must drink and play passes to the opposing team.
  2. The die safely stops in the scoring zone. The team that made the throw scores points equal to the roll of the die. The opposing team must split up that many drinks. And play is passed to the opposing team.

During the course of this game whenever a player finishes a drink for any reason they are allowed to place it on the table as an additional beer mine. This means players can drink as much and as quickly as they want to try and get more beer mines on the table.The first team to reach 25 points wins unless the losing team calls “double or nothing”. This means point scoring and drinking are now doubled and it now becomes first to 50 points.

Additional Rules:

  • All dice must be rolled or tossed. Not slid.
  • Double or nothing can only be called once per game.
  • Beer Mines do not carry over between rounds.
  • Beer Mines must be at least 2 can lengths away from other Beer Mines.


The Shuffle Dice Drinking Game is a great way to get party-goers moving and competitive. With the added element of relying on a roll for scoring it ensures that even the weaker teams will always stand a chance.

If you liked this game or can think of any rule changes you would make please feel free to let us know via the “Contact Us” page. Cheers!


Always remember to Drink Responsibly. It’s only a game and it’s not worth risking your health.