One To Five Drinking Game

One to Six is a simple drinking game and can either last a long time or be over fairly quickly depending on the luck of the die rolls. All it entails is taking turns rolling a die so it’s very easy to follow and enjoy.

What You’ll Need

All you need for this game is a single die and some drinks. If you want to make things a little easier for the players consider writing the numbers 1 to 5 on separate small pieces of paper to better keep track of the numbers as they tend to switch around a lot.

One to Five Drinking Game Rules

To start players take turns rolling a die. First player to roll a 6 will be the player who starts up the game. From there play goes clockwise with each player taking turns rolling the die once.

Claiming: If a player rolls from 1-5 they claim that number. From now on if anyone rolls that number the player who claimed it must drink. So only the first player to roll the number keeps in claimed until it gets wiped.

Wiping: If a player rolls a 6 they must “wipe” a number of their choice, making it available for claiming again and relieving the player that had it claimed.

Sweeping: If ever a player has 3 separate numbers claimed at the same time they must finish their drink and wipe all of those numbers.

Finale: If ever every single number from 1 to 5 is claimed, the game is over. Each player must cheers and finish whatever is left of their drink.


The One to Six drinking game is simple and easy to understand. Plus it doesn’t require much so it’s easy to start up in any environment. It works best with about 5 players since if you get too many it may be hard for any sweeps to happen.