Chase The Ace Drinking Game

Chase the Ace is a very fun game because it makes players have to rush in order to pass the dice and avoid chugging a drink. It can be very frustrating rolling a die a hundred times never getting that precious 1. In my opinion Chase the Ace is best played with about 6 people. Too many people and the odds of one player ending up with both dice are too slim. Too few people and the odds are too high.


Players roll dice and drink as fast as they can hoping not to end up with both dice at the same time.


2 dice, 2 cups and beer.

Chase The Ace Rules:

Players sit in a circle and two players on opposite sides of the circle are chosen to start. At the count of three both players roll the dice and then do the corresponding action.

  • 1 – Pass the cup and die to the left.
  • 2 – Nothing happens, re-roll.
  • 3 – Nothing happens, re-roll.
  • 4 – Person to your left drinks, re-roll.
  • 5 – Person to your right drinks, re-roll.
  • 6 – You drink.

Play continues this way and players are allowed to roll as fast as they are able. If ever the same player ends up with both dice he must fill up one of the cups and chug a full drink.

Alternative rules:

Extra dice: If there’s more than six players than it may be wise to add in another dice so that the odds of them landing on the same player are greater.

Create a rule: In this variant the player who loses the round then gets to create or overwrite one of the dice roll rules. (expect rule 1 cannot be changed). This way players can add rules to make rolling 2’s or 3’s more interesting. For example a player can make the rule that rolling a 2 means you have to run a lap around the table causing you to have to rush to get back to your die and pass it in time.