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Left Right Center Drinking Game

Left Right Center is a simple drinking game that involves rolling a die and hoping not to lose all your coins. It’s easy to play if you happen to have the materials at hand. Basically the whole game is luck based but it’s fun to watch the game unfold until some poor souls are forced to chug a glass from the middle.


1 die, 1 cup, 3 coins per player, and drinks.

Set up:

Set up is fairly simple. Pass 3 coins to each player and place the cup in the middle.


Players roll the die hoping not to lose any coins, if they run out they got to drink the cup in the middle and the last player with coins wins.


Left Right Center Drinking Game Rules:

Choose a player to start the game. He begins by rolling the die, depending what the result of the roll was changes what he must do.

1 – Nothing.

2 – Nothing.

3 – Nothing.

4 – Give one coin to the player on the left.

5 – Give one coin to the player on the right.

6 – Place one coin in the center glass and then put as much of your drink as you want to in the glass.

After he rolls the die is the he passes it to the next player and play continues clockwise. If at any point someone loses their last coin they must finish the drink in the center of the table. Last player to have a coin left is the winner. It’s important to remember that when a player runs out of coins he can still be revived to play again since a coin can still be passed to him.


Overall this drinking game can end up with a pretty heavy amount of drinking or none at all. Really it’s all up to the die roll and how mean your friends want to be. It’s a great way to down a few drinks and it’s very simple to understand and set up.