No Man’s Sky Drinking Game

If you’re ever in the mood to drink some beers and drift through space, then our No Man’s Sky drinking game is the way to go. Play solo or with friends. Grab some drinks and just go about your space exploring business and drink whenever any of these handy drinking rules come up.

For anyone who has never played the game No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game. Where you take on the role of a traveler who simply warps around and explores new galaxies. It’s mostly played single player however you do get the chance to see other players aboard the Nexus.

What You’ll Need To Play

The game on any platform and some drinks. Works with any number of players.

No Man’s Sky Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever

  • You get scanned by a sentinel
  • A pirate fleet attacks
  • You run out of warp cores
  • You run into a strange glitch

Drink Three Times Whenever

  • A planet has Indium on it
  • You run out of one of the basic survival resources (Oxygen, Carbon or Sodium)
  • You discover ancient ruins
  • Your fleet returns (either from completing a mission or being damaged)
  • You run into another player (outside of the nexus, who you are not partied with)
  • Someone pulls up in an S tier ship or freighter

Finish Your Drink Whenever

  • You die
  • You discover a corrupted galaxy

This No Man’s Sky drinking game can turn into a lot of drinking depending on how you play the game, so please make sure to drink responsibly and take breaks if you think you need them. For more grindy solo drinking game fun check out our Runescape Drinking Game!