How to Play the Terraria Drinking Game

Terraria Drinking Game by

Looking for a way to ad a bit of booze into your next 2d mining session? This Terraria Drinking Game ads a bunch of fun drinking rules to spice things up.

The way it works, is that you just play a game of terraria as normal. Either solo or with friends, and then drink whenever these handy drinking rules come up. Make sure to give them a read before starting.

What You’ll Need To Play

This drinking game is simple. All you need is some drinks and then follow these easy drinking rules. This game can be played either solo or with friends. Terraria is available on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Terraria Drinking Game Rules

Discovery Drinks

  • You find a cloud house (2 drinks)
  • You find an underground bee hive (2 drinks)
  • You discover a jungle temple (2 drinks)
  • You discover an underground house (1 drink)
  • A new resident moves in (1 drink)
  • You find some Demonite ore (1 drink)

Event Drinks

  • You trigger a trap (1 drink)
  • It starts to rain (1 drink)
  • A resident dies (1 drink)
  • Blood Moon or Frost Moon(2 drinks)
  • Goblin or Pirate attack (2 drinks)
  • A meteorite lands (3 drinks)
  • You enter hell for the first time (3 drinks)

Boss Drinks

  • You kill King Slime or Queen Slime (1 drink)
  • You kill The Eye of Cthulhu or The Twins (2 drinks)
  • You kill the Eater of Worlds or The Destroyer (3 drinks)
  • You kill The Brain of Chtulhu or Skeleton Prime (4 drinks)
  • You defeat the Wall of Flesh (5 drinks)
  • You defeat the Moon Lord (take a shot)

Finish your drink if…

  • You die in a boss battle

This Terraria drinking game can get a little intense, especially if you’re running head-first into a lot of boss battles. So feel free to remove some rules to make it easier if you need to. Always make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you need one.