How to Play the Call Of Duty: Warzone Drinking Game

This Warzone Drinking game is for the game mode Warzone that was originally released for COD Modern Warfare, but has since been adapted as a free to play stand-alone game.

What makes this such a great drinking game is that you can never rely on having good teammates. You could be popping headshots all day, only to end up drinking due to your team-mates ineptitude. So no matter how good of a player you are you might end up drinking a bunch.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this game all you’ll need is a copy of the game and some drinks (lots of them if you’re not very good). Any version of the game works, however we suggest playing on the Battle Royale mode instead of the plunder mode. Since the game is cross-platform you can play with any system you like and still get in a few rounds with friends. It works with any number of players and works great as a stream game.

Call of Duty: Warzone Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever…

  • You’re downed
  • You buy a load-out
  • You drop into the prison (drink to prepare yourself)
  • You enter the gas
  • You witness a vehicle get destroyed
  • You mute someone’s who’s being insufferable

Take a gulp whenever…

  • You’re sent to the gulag
  • Your killer tea bags you
  • Your team is eliminated (or just you if you’re playing solo)
  • You get executed
  • You witness someone who’s not on your team self-revive

Finish your drink or take a shot whenever…

  • You’re the first overall player to be eliminated
  • You’re killed while parachuting
  • Your team is the first overall to be eliminated

This Call of Duty Warzone drinking game is a great way to add an extra layer of difficulty to the game, however you should always make sure to drink responsibly and mind your limits. If you liked this game, take a look at our COD Zombies drinking game as well.