The Among Us Drinking Game – Drunken Imposters!

Among Us drinking game by

This Among Us drinking game is a great way to add a bit of liquid courage to your next gaming session. The way it works is the imposter does the most of the drinking, so that they have to hide the fact that they’ve been drinking from the other players as to not get caught. There’s also a handful of drinking rules for bad guesses or ejecting innocent players.

Among Us is a “hidden imposter” game where everyone works together to fix a ship, except one skeevy imposter who goes around murdering people and blaming it on everyone else. In this drinking version the imposter takes a shot, and then players drink for incorrect guesses as the game goes on to make things more interesting.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this all you’ll need is a copy of the game and a decent supply of drinks nearby. The game is free on mobile or sold for cheap on Steam, and works with cross-play.

Among Us Drinking Game Rules

Game Rules

This game works best with only one or two imposters. Also voice chat is preferred over text chat. After that map choice and custom rules can be changed to whatever the group wants.

Drinking Rules

  • As soon as the game starts, whoever gets the imposter must take a shot or finish their drink immediately.
  • If you get killed by the imposter you must drink once for each unfinished task you had.
  • During the voting phase, if an innocent is ejected and you voted for them you must drink for each vote they had. (unless you’re the imposter).
  • If you’re ejected while you’re innocent you must finish your drink.
  • At the end of the game the losing team must finish their drinks.

If these Among Us drinking game rules are a bit too intense, you can change any of the “finish drink” rules into “take a swig” rules. Always remember to drink in moderation, and take a break if you feel like you need one.