How to Play the Ridiculous Fall Guys Drinking Game

Fall Guys cover by

Looking to get a little tispy while you get a little tipsy? This Fall Guys drinking game will have you drinking to all the tomfoolery of this battle-royale party game.

Fall Guys is full of dumb-fun. It’s basically a battle-royale version of mario party wrapped up in ridiculous Gang Beasts physics. Which… somehow isn’t as bad as it sounds.

What You’ll Need To Play

A copy of the game (currently available on PS4 or Steam) and a good supply of drinks nearby.

How The Fall Guys Drinking Game Works

Basically each mini game has one unique drinking rule. And then at the end of the run you must drink according to your positioning on the chart below. (If you’re having trouble keeping up with the drinks during the game you can drink them between rounds).

Starter Games

  • See-Saw: Drink when you fall off the map
  • Door-Dash: Drink when you run into a fake door
  • Hex-A-Gone: Drink when you drop down a level
  • Dizzy-Heights: Drink when you fall off the map
  • Fruit-Chute: Drink whenever you’re hit by a fruit
  • Slime-Climb: Drink whenever someone grabs you
  • Hit-Parade: Drink when you get hit by the balls
  • Gate Crash: Drink when you run into a closed gate
  • Whirlygig Race: Drink whenever you’re hit off the stage

Middle Games

  • Jump-Club: Drink when you’re hit by either propeller
  • Block Party: Drink when you touch any of the moving blocks
  • Roll Out: Drink whenever you’re forced to jump
  • Egg Scramble: Drink whenever you drop an egg (not into your goal)
  • Jinxed: Drink 3 times if you get infected
  • Hoarders: Drink whenever your team gets to last place
  • Hoopsie-Daisy: Drink whenever you fail at jumping through a hoop
  • Rock N Roll: Drink when you hit the ball into a post or obstacle
  • Fall Ball: Drink when your team is scored on
  • Tail Tag: Drink whenever your tail is stolen
  • Perfect Match: Just drink for having to play this terrible mini-game
  • Tip-Toe: You fall through the stage

Final Games

  • No drinking rules for the final games. Since you’ll drink depending on your placement anyway.

Placement Drinks

  • 60th: Take a shot and reconsider your life choices that led you to this point.
  • 59th-50th: Finish whatever is left of your drink.
  • 50th-40th: Drink 5 times.
  • 40th-30th: Drink 4 times.
  • 30th-20th: Drink 3 times.
  • 20th-10th: Drink 2 times.
  • 10th-3rd: Drink once.
  • 2nd: Take a shot for being so close yet failing.
  • 1st: Nothing, enjoy sobriety!

This fall guys drinking game will make this chaotic game even harder. We suggest taking a gander at the drink rules before the round starts to know what to avoid if possible. It works best with multiple players so you can switch between rounds and take a breather. Remember to always drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one.