A Sea of Thieves Drinking Game for Rapscallions

SoT Drinking Game by

If you’re trying to plunder the seven seas, you should be doing it with a grog in hand. Thankfully in SoT you can get nice and drunk to make your voyages that much more authentic. But if you’re looking to kick it up a notch, these handy Sea of Thieves drinking game rules will make things interesting.

In Sea of Thieves players act as pirates sailing the seas in search of treasures. In theory, everyone has a role to play to make sure every mission is a success. However, it’s not uncommon for a group of pirates to turn into a drunken mess seeing who can mess up more notes of a delightful sea shanty and puking into their grog cups.

What You’ll Need to Play

All you’ll need is a copy of the game and some brews. This game works with 1 to 4 players, or more if you can somehow get more players into the same server. The way it works is the game has real drinking rules and in-game grog drinking rules.

Sea of Thieves Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • You get shot
  • You miss a cannon or harpoon shot
  • You fall off the ship (accidentally)

Finish your drink whenever…

  • You’re struck by lightning
  • Your ship sinks
  • You die. (You must finish your drink before you can leave the Ferry of the Damned).

Drink a cup of grog (in-game) whenever…

  • You embark or disembark the main ship
  • Your crew completes a mission
  • If someone in the crew finishes a song on the banjo, everyone else drinks a grog.

This Sea of Thieves drinking game is a lot of fun, since drinking in the game results in more mistakes, which results in more real life drinking. It becomes a pretty vicious cycle so feel free to take a break if you think you need one. There’s no shame in hanging out in the Ferry of the Damned until you’ve regained your wits. If you’re looking for a crew to play this drinking game, consider joining us at!