How to Play the Marbles on Stream Drinking Game

Marbles On Stream Drinking Game by

This drinking game is a great way to up the ante while cheering on your marble. All you have to do is join in a game, grab a few drinks and follow these simple drinking rules.

The way this Marbles on Stream drinking game works, is you only drink once another marble has crossed the finish line. So the slower your marble is, the more you drink.

What You’ll Need To Play

First thing you’ll need to do is find someone to stream the game. You can either join a random chat by searching “Marbles on stream” on twitch, or start streaming your own game. To play this game you’ll need a full drink for the round. This works with any number of players but is ideal with around 4-8.

Once you’re in a game lobby, make sure to enter the round by typing !play before it begins. Keep those drinks nearby and follow these drinking rules.

How to Play the Marbles On Stream Drinking Game

The way this game works is you only start drinking when someone crosses the finish line. As soon as one of the people playing this game makes it to the finish, crack open that beer and start drinking. You cannot put the drink down until your own marble crosses the line.

If your marble is the first to cross the finish line, Congratulations! You don’t need to drink this round.

Additionally, if at any time your marble falls off the map into oblivion, you must start drinking until the round is complete. So if you fall off the map early you might be in for a lot of drinking.

Given the completely random nature of this Marbles on Stream drinking game, you might want to pace yourself. Things like early knockoffs or getting stuck on obstacles can prove devastating. If you enjoyed this game and wanted to play some more fun streamer drinking games, check out our list of video game drinking games.