Beer Pong Rules

Beer Pong

Generally when someone mentions drinking games people’s minds go directly to a scene of some frat boys throwing a plastic ball into some plastic cups. To say Beer Pong is the most popular drinking game would be an understatement. There are tournaments all over the world and even a world series of Beer Pong that takes place in Las Vegas for huge cash prizes.

For some it has evolved from a way to get drunk into a lifestyle and the continuous quest to be the best at throwing the little ball in the cup. On the surface it might just look like a bunch of idiots tossing a ball at a cup and yelling at each other but once you go a little deeper you realize that’s exactly what it is.


Plastic cups, Two Ping Pong Balls and Beer

Set Up:

Each side of the table must pour an even amount of beer into 10 separate cups. These cups are then placed in a pyramid formation. Players then decide on who should go first.


Players or teams of players take turns throwing the ball at the others players cups in hopes of making them chug it if they get it in. Basically it’s a race to see who can force the other team to finish all their cups first. There are many house rules to beer pong so make sure everyone knows which set of rules you’ll be using before you start.

Beer Pong Rules:

Each team gets to throw one ball per turn. The goal is to land it in the opponents cup. This can be done by trying to throw it straight in or trying to bounce it in. If the ball lands in the cup the opposing team must drink that cup then remove it from play. Once per game each team can call for a “re-arrange” which means the opposing team must create a new pyramid or something similar with their remaining cups.

Like i mentioned before beer pong has a variety of different rule-sets. For a look at the most up to date standard beer pong rule-set check out the official beer pong tournament rules.

Beer Pong is a great way to drink some beers while staying competitive. However it’s easy to go over board so please make sure to drink responsibly.