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The Kim Jong Un Drinking Game

The Great Kim Jong Un Drinking Game - The Chuggernauts

The Kim Jong Un drinking game is a dice game in which players race to become the Great Ruler, who’s word is gospel and whose knowledge knows no bounds. Praise be unto him. Basically it plays out like a lot of other dice games where players roll a few dice and try to avoid certain numbers, with the exception that if players roll 3 of a kind they get to become the Mighty Ruler and no longer need to obey the rules of the game. Instead players must listen to whatever they say.

What You’ll Need

3 dice and some drinks. If you want to make it more official grab the craziest hat you can find to give to KJU.

Kim Jong Un Drinking Game Rules

Players take turns rolling all 3 dice.

  • If any 1s are rolled, drink once.
  • If any 6s are rolled, reroll them. Keep doing this until there’s no 6s.
  • If you roll 2 of a kind (not sixes) give out that many sips. These can be divided among multiple players.
  • If you manage to roll 3 or more 6s within the same turn you get to come up with a new game rule. Anyone who breaks this rule drinks.

Once someone rolls 3 of a kind. (including if it ends up 3 of a kind after rerolling 6s) they become the Great Leader, Kim Jong Un.

  • The Great leader is basically god.
  • He can remove any added game rules.
  • He can point at a player and make them drink.
  • Whenever he makes a joke all other players MUST laugh or they drink.
  • He can choose anyone to get and open his beers. If he especially dislikes a player he can even force that player to spoon feed him their drinks.

Ultimately in the Kim Jong Un drinking game the Great Leader can do whatever he wants. Use your imagination to humiliate and demean your opponents. But be careful who you’re mean to because once someone else becomes the Great One then they might seek vengeance.