How To Play The Naked Greased Up Monkey Drinking Game

The naked greased up monkey drinking game is a card game of our own invention where everyone tries to heard the card (monkey) towards the other players to make them drink. It’s easy to set up and play and works great as a pre-game drinking game.

What You’ll Need to Play

All you need to play is some drinks and a deck of cards (jokers included). You’re also going to need to be at a table for this game or at least mark out a square or circle on the floor. This works best at a round table but anything will work.

Naked Greased Up Monkey Drinking Game Rules

First deal everyone a hand of 3 cards face down. These are what you’ll use to move the monkey around. Depending on the suit is which direction the monkey will move.

Once cards are dealt place one card face up in the middle. This will be the monkey for the round. Whatever number it is is how much someone will have to drink if that card falls off the table closest to them.

Now the game starts. Pick someone to start the game and then play goes clockwise from there. On a players turn they play a single card and then draw a new card to replace it. The cards are used to move the monkey around to try and get it to fall off the table closest to another player.

Playable cards

Ace-5: Move the card as many card-lengths as the number on the card. The direction depends on the suit. All directions are in relation to the person playing the card.

  • Hearts: Up
  • Diamonds: Down
  • Spades: Left
  • Clubs: Right

Jack: Take a drink.

Queen: Play a queen and choose someone else at the table to take a drink.

King: Switch hands with another player

Every turn you must play a card if possible. If you have no playable cards (6-10) then you must drink 3 times, discard those cards and draw 3 more.

Winning The Game

The game goes until the monkey card is successfully forced off the table. Whoever it was closest to when it fell off must drink equal to the number on the card. They also get to play first next round.

The naked greased up monkey drinking game works with any number of players you want.