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Dodge Beer Rules

Dodge Beer -

Now before you’re alarmed this game does not involve a game of dodge ball with bottles of beer. Dodge Beer is an active drinking game where players try to hit the opponents cans and be the first to chug their drinks. It’s typically a team drinking game but can also be played 1v1 if desired.

This is one of those games that players tend to take pretty seriously. So the rules can change from table to table.



4 unopened beers, a ping pong ball, a table with enough room to run around it and drinks.

Set up:

Place 1 unopened can of beer on each corner of the table; 2 per team.


Players aim to throw the ping pong ball at the opponents can on the other end of the table. If they succeed they can start chugging their drinks until the opponents retrieve the ball and place it on one of their cans.

Dodge Beer Rules:

The aim of this game is to finish your beers before the opposing team. All teams must start with one closed beer in each corner, 2 per team. Teams alternate turns throwing. If a player hits a can on the opposing side then his team mate can start chugging his corner beer. The other team must now retrieve the ping pong ball and place it on one of their own cans and say “Stop!” in order to stop the chugging.

If the ball knocks a can off of the other end of the table and hits the ground then it must be replaced with a full beer, beers hit this way can be caught before they hit the ground and placed back on the table.

If a player can manage to catch the ball after it hits his can, but before it hits another surface he can start chugging his beer and running around the table until an opposing player chases him and tags him to make them stop.