How To Play The Buzzed Drinking Card Game

The Buzzed Card Game is a really simple drinking game that works with any number of players. Although we’d suggest playing with as large of a group as possible for added hilarity. It’s similar to games like Suicide except with more drunken slapping.

What You’ll Need To Play

For this game you’re going to need a full deck of cards and drinks for each player. You’re also going to want something to represent a buzzer in the middle of the table. If you have an actual buzzer then great but feel free to use a coaster or anything that won’t hurt when slapped.

Buzzed Card Drinking Game Rules

The goal of the game is simple. Don’t be the last player to hit the buzzer or you drink.

Before the game starts shuffle the deck and place it face down at the center of the table and place the buzzer next to it.

Play order goes clockwise with the oldest player going first. On a players turn they simply flip a card from the top of the deck and place it face up in front of them.

Whenever a card is flipped everyone take a quick look at whichever card they have in front of them. If their card matches the recently flipped card (in either number or suit) they must yell “Buzz!” and slap the buzzer.

Whoever had a matching card and was last to hit the buzzer must now drink. They gain 1 point. (Points are bad, like golf).

The game continues until the entire deck has been exhausted. The player with the most points must take a knee and finish a full drink for having the worst reaction time in the room.

Jokers: If players want they can also include jokers in the deck. Most decks come with a black and a red joker. The black one counts as both clubs and spades. The red one counts as hearts and diamonds. This means whoever gets a joker will be slapping twice as much because they will be in the race for multiple suits.

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