Landmines Drinking Game

The Landmines Drinking game is pretty simple and all it requires is some coins and beers. Which everyone should have handy. It also requires a table that’s cleared off to start but will soon be littered with beer cans.


Coins, Drinks in cans or bottles, two shot glasses and a table with enough room to spin a quarter freely.

Set up

Clear off the table everyone is playing on. Players should at different sides of the table. A round table works best for this game but anything will work. Decide which player should start and pass him the quarter and shot glasses. Play of this game proceeds in a clockwise fashion.

Landmine Drinking Game Rules

On a players turn they must first fill up both shot glasses with beer or whatever drink they choose. Then they must spin the quarter, and drink both shot glasses. All using the same hand. Then they must attempt to stop the quarter before it stops spinning.

As play progresses whenever any player finishes a drink at any point they may put that drink on the table wherever they want. This means they can place a beer can directly in front of someone so he will have a harder time spinning the quarter without it bumping into a beer can and falling down.

If a player fails to finish his shots and catch the quarter before it’s done spinning then he must refill the shots and try again until he succeeds.


Optional rule: Elimination

If players want this game to have a real ending point we suggest our elimination rule. This means if a player ever fails more than 3 times in a row they are eliminated and the remaining players get to keep playing until there is only 1 winner.


The landmine drinking game is pretty simple and effective. To start off it’s not a whole lot of drinking since players are most likely able to let to quarter spin for quite a while. As the game progresses and there’s more and more beer cans on the table it gets nearly impossible. Plus as players drink more easy tasks become pretty difficult.