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Drunk Man’s Bluff

Card Game

The Chuggernaut’s Original Drunk Man’s Bluff is based off a very similar game called Blind Man’s Bluff (Also known as Indian Poker or Blind Man’s Poker). For those unaware generally Blind Man’s Bluff is played simply as a betting card game without drinking. Each player gets 1 card but they are not allowed to look at it. Instead they put the card on their forehead facing out. The goal is to have the highest card. Play goes around the table much like in poker and players either make bets, call or fold. Then cards are flipped and the player with the highest card wins. And well, the drinking version plays out much the same except players bet with drinks.


A Deck of cards and drinks


Players try to guess if their card is higher or lower than the other players in the circle. Players then bet drinks and see if they were right.

Set up:

The deck is shuffled and then each player takes one card without looking at it and places it on their foreheads facing outwords.


After each player is dealt 1 card, play goes around the table starting to the left of the dealer then heading clockwise. On a players turn they either fold or bet drinks. If a player folds he or she must drink equal to the number of players who have already folded that round. This means that the first player to fold can do so without drinking extra but a late folder might be pressured into playing. If a player chooses not to fold he must then bet a chosen number of drinks (from 1 to 5) on his card being the highest at the table. At the end of the round if a player flips his card and it is not the highest he must drink however many he bet. If he was correct and he did have the highest card then he gives away the amount of drinks he bet to any player who didn’t fold. If it’s a tie then it’s a push and both players must bet exactly double the amount they bet for the next round (this can exceed 5, and this also means they can’t fold). This game is played with Aces high and 2 Jokers in the deck. Jokers are considered higher than Aces. Folding a Joker results in finishing your drink. There’s no real end point to this game so just enjoy it until you feel you’ve played enough or you need a break from drinking.




Drunk Man’s Bluff is a great way to socialize while enjoying the inherent randomness that is flipping cards. It’s a great time for any social event and an easy crossover for people who already know how to play the card game.