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Under The Influence Review – Hilarious, Outlandish, and An Amazing Party Starter

Under the Influence is a drinking card game created by Shots No Chaser. The basics of the game is players choose which type of card to flip, then flip it do what it says. The game itself contains a whopping 200 cards across 4 different decks so there’s always something new to come up.

How To Play

First things first. Players should decide on a penalty for wimping out on a card. We suggest a couple sips of their beverage, since a lot of these cards will prove to be pretty crazy. Especially if they’re drawing from the dreaded “Shots No Chaser” deck.

Then in clockwise order players pick from whichever of the 4 decks they want, then read the card aloud. From there they decide if they’re gonna do what it says or suffer the consequence.

The Decks

Under the Influence Decks

This game contains 4 unique and interesting decks. “Brain Benders”, “Who’s Who?”, “Under the Influence” and “Shots No Chaser”.

Brain Benders

The Brain Bender cards are usually a question. They can be “Truth or Lie” questions where players must answer a question and then the others vote on if they’re telling the truth or lying. Or they could also be “Would You Rather” questions where you answer which option you’d chose.

Who’s Who?

Who's Who

These cards ask the drawer a question about the other players in the room like “Who do you think has the most money in their wallet?” Feel free to consult the other players and get in a full on drunken-argument before coming to a decision!

Under the Influence

Under The Influence

These cards are more akin to classic drinking game rules from games like Kings Cup or Ring of Fire. These can be mini games like “Rhyme Time” where players all must come up with a rhyme for the same word, or general drinking rules like “Girls Drink!”.

Shots No Chaser

Shots No Chaser

Only draw from this deck if you’re ready for some absolutely ridiculous challenges. Which let’s face it is gonna happen after players drink a few beers. These cards range from removing clothing to spending time with another player in the bathroom, so you can see how these cards are going to get out of hand real quick.

Under The Influence Review

All that you really need to know is that this game is an absolutely great time. We tested it out with a pretty big group of players and everyone was laughing their heads off.

The game itself has 200 cards across 4 decks, which ensures players will be drawing new cards every time they play. It’s got a ton of replay value.

There was a couple minor issues like trying to figure out who drinks during the “who’s who” cards, but ultimately players can just decide what works best for them.

Under the Influence is one of the best drinking card games around. It combines so many great aspects of other great drinking games that it should really be a no-brainer for anyone looking for something to spice up their next party. As always please remember to drink responsibly! Over consumption of alcohol can become very serious very quickly so consider taking a break if you feel you need one.