Mexican Quarters Drinking Game

Unlike the regular game of Quarters this one involves spinning a quarter and forcing an opponent to drink until it stops. This game works well with 2 players but you can play with more if players want take turns.

What You’ll Need

A quarter or other large coin and some drinks.

How to Play Mexican Quarters

The object here is to guess what side of the coin is facing up after an opponent covers it and drinking if you’re incorrect.

First a starting player chooses another player to challenge. The player they choose becomes the guesser.

The challenger then spins the quarter and then a while later slams their hand down on the quarter.  The guesser has to guess whether the side facing up is heads or tails.

If they are correct they pass the game and now it’s their turn to challenge someone else.

However, if they’re incorrect they now have to chug. The challenger spins the quarter again the the guesser has to chug. They can only stop when the challenger slams their hand on the quarter again. At which point the guesser must guess again what side is facing up. Repeat the process until the guesser gets it right.

If the guesser gets it wrong 3 times in a row then the challenger gets to come up with a game rule. Anyone who breaks the rule takes a sip.

The game keeps going as long as players want to keep playing. It often ends up in two players targeting each other over and over again once a rivalry has been sparked.


For games like the Mexican Quarters drinking game it’s handy to have a lot of beer in hand. Since you don’t know how many times you might fail and end up drinking even more. But with a lot of chugging games like this it’s important to mind your limits and please drink responsibly.