Spoof Drinking Game

Traditionally played in pubs or bars, the Spoof Drinking Game (also known as the Three Coin drinking game) is simple and to the point. All players need is a handful of coins of any denomination and they’re good to go. Traditionally this game is played in pubs because it’s used to determine who is buying the next round of drinks. Our version however has some simple drinking rules so it can be played at any social event and not just at a bar.



3 coins per player and drinks.


Players reveal the amount of coins they chose to play at the same time and players hope they didn’t guess the correct total amount. If they did they are eliminated and then the rest of the players play the subsequent round.


Spoof Drinking Game Rules:

Unlike most other drinking games, the object of this game is NOT to guess correctly. At the start of the game each player chooses a number of coins to put in their hand from 0 to 3. Then a starting player is chosen and he must make a guess of the total number of coins every player has together, hoping not to be correct. After he guesses the next player clockwise guesses, he is not allowed to guess the same number as any other player has guessed. Once all players have guessed, every player reveals their hand.

If anyone was correct in the total number of coins they are eliminated and must finish a full drink. Then the next round takes place with the remaining players. This continues until only 1 player remains and he is crowned the victor.

Additional rules:

No Bum Calls:  This rule means that players are not allowed to guess a number that’s not physically possible with their bet. For example if there is 4 players playing, and the player in question is holding 1 coin, he cannot call “12” because technically the maximum with his hand considered would be 10.

Side Betting: This rule is just for fun and not an essential rule to the game. This allows players who are eliminated to make side bets on the remaining players to see who will win each round. Players can bet up to 5 drinks per round. On a correct guess they allocate their 5 drinks to another player, otherwise they drink them themselves.


The Spoof Drinking Game is more about knowing your table of friends than anything. The ability to call out what someone usually plays will go a long way. This game can be a pretty heavy amount of drinking pretty quickly based on the pace of the game.