Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters Drinking Game


Quarters and a cup of beer



This is an easy game to play. Simply try to get the quarter in the cup.


A cup is placed in the center of the table and players take turns trying to bounce a quarter into the cup. If the player fails he must take a drink from his own drink. If he succeeds then he can force a player to drink the center cup with the quarter in it and then it becomes their turn.



There is many variants to this game as well as a bunch of house rules. Here’s a few of them.

  • Repeating turns rule: This is where whenever a player fails at getting the quarter in the cup then he drinks and shoots again. This means the only way to pass the quarter is to finally get it in the cup which becomes increasingly difficult with each drink.
  • Extra shots rule: This is where a player is awarded and extra shot if he hits the rim of the cup.
  • Miss and fill rule: Each missed shot results in pouring some of your own drink into the cup.
  • 3 bounce variant: In this variant nobody drinks the center cup so it can instead be filled with water. Instead everytime someone makes a shot they get to give a drink and go again. If they get 3 in a row they get to make a new game rule.