Flip, Sip or Strip Rules

Flip, Sip or Strip is a drinking game for those who simply wanna get drunk and naked. Which really is the mark of a successful night isn’t it? This game is so easy it should be criminal, It only requires one coin of any kind and a few drinks. The real kicker of this game that is you don’t want to strip you end up drinking a lot, and when you drink a lot stripping starts to sound like a better idea. It’s one of those games that will almost always lead to regrettable decisions. So what are you waiting for?


Any type of coin and drinks. And preferable a few articles of clothing that you wouldn’t mind shedding. Choose the drunkest player in the room to start the game, then players should sit around in a circle.

Flip, Sip or Strip Rules

On a players turn they toss the coin in the air. Before it hits the ground the player must call heads or tails. If they are correct they pass the coin to the right. If they are incorrect they must pass the coin to the left and either take a shot or remove an article of clothing. Their choice.

The kicker is that a player cannot choose the same action more than twice in a row. So if someone has picked “shot” twice in a row and then loses another coin toss, looks like it’s time to strip.


There’s usually a few different Flip, Sip or Strip house rules so make sure everyone knows which version you’re playing. But if you’re looking to simply down some drinks and make some bad decisions than look no further. Please be warned though, for those who aren’t too keen on stripping this drinking game might entail a whole lot of drinking so please drink responsibly.