Ice Tray Drinking Game

Ice Tray Drinking Game -

This game is pretty easy to set up and play, but the real fun comes when a player messes up and drinks his own shot. The Ice Tray drinking game is a great variant on the classic Quarters that makes things a little more interesting by utilizing all the spaces in an ice tray. This game can be any amount of players.

What You’ll Need

For this game you’ll need a few items. An ice tray, some coins, and some straws. Also a variety of different drinks would make things more interesting.

Ice Tray Drinking Game Rules

The object of this game is to land your quarter into an empty space in the ice try and hopefully avoid sinking it into a space you’ll have to drink.

To play the game players take turns in a clockwise order bouncing the quarter into the ice tray.

  • If they miss and it doesn’t land in the tray, they must drink and bounce it again. Keep bouncing until they succeed.
  • If they land it in an empty space in the tray they may fill it with whatever booze they want. Be careful though because there’s no guarantee that they won’t be the ones drinking it.
  • If they land it in a space that’s already been filled with someone’s drink, they must drink it. This is what the straws are for because it can prove pretty hard to drink only one shot and not pour them all out.

If ever all the spaces are filled at once, the game is over. Whoever filled the last space gets to choose who takes which shots out of the tray.

Optional Rule : Kill Spot

If players wan’t to up the ante they can include this rule. Before the game starts place something menacing into one of the empty spots. This can be anything lying around the room as long as it’s small enough to fit into the empty spot. If at any point someone lands their quarter in that spot they have to drink everything in the tray. They can either drink them one at a time with the straw or go berserk and start pouring them all into their mouth at once through one of the corners of the tray. (For the sake of ending the game, the kill spot doesn’t count towards needing to fill every spot)


This ice tray drinking game can prove to be pretty difficult since most ice cube trays have pretty small pockets. The amount of drinking people will do directly correlates to how mean they are with filling up the spaces. As always if things are getting a little too intense consider taking a break and please drink responsibly.