Arrogance Drinking Game

The Arrogance Drinking Game is beautiful in it’s simplicity. How much you drink is pretty much dependent on how arrogant you are, and we all know what alcohol does to raise arrogance.


All that’s needed to play this game is drinks for each player, a coin, and an empty pint glass

Set Up

Players gather around a table. The empty pint glass is placed in the middle of the table between the players. Now players choose who should go first. Turn order is clockwise.


Players pour their drink into a cup and then flip a coin to see if they drink it or pass it.

Arrogance Drinking Game Rules

This game is incredibly simple and just relies on the flip of a coin. The first player pours as much of their drink as they want into the central pint glass and then flips the coin. Then they flip a coin and call heads or tails before it lands. If they were correct they pass the coin to the next player and they repeat the process. Once someone gets the call wrong they must drink the glass.

The reason this game is called Arrogance is because as players get a little more courage and stupid they will poor more and more into the glass hoping that they don’t get the call wrong and have to chug their whole drink.

At a certain point it’s possible for the cup to be completely full. If this is the case just flip the coin in turn instead of pouring first unless you want to make a mess of your table.


The Arrogance drinking game is easy to play and understand and best of all it’s a game that works perfectly in any pub or bar. It usually ends up with a lot of drinking for the most arrogant player and very little for everyone else so watch out for that drunken confidence.