10 Outdoor Drinking Games for Those Who Don’t Want to Waste Another Minute Inside

10 Best Outdoor Drinking Games -

Sometimes a few dice and cards around a table just aren’t gonna cut it. It’s far too nice out to waste another second trying to figure out the funnest way to drink some beers indoors. So we devised a list of what we believe to be 10 of the best ways to share some beers and good times outside.

This list contains 10 unique outdoor drinking games that are sure to have you up and moving. So whether you’re at the cabin, out camping, or just looking to spend some time in your own backyard, these games are sure get people moving and drinking.


#1 Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Beer pong is a classic game of trying to get the ball in the cup. It’s one of those games that seems incredibly simple on the surface but by each passing sip you start to realize just how must skill goes into such a simple task.


A table, 20 solo cups, 2 ping pong balls and a few drinks.

Set Up:

Each side of the table must pour an even amount of beer into 10 separate cups. These cups are then placed in a pyramid formation. Players then decide on who should go first.

Beer Pong Rules:

Each team gets to throw one ball per turn. The goal is to land it in the opponents cup. This can be done by trying to throw it straight in or trying to bounce it in. If the ball lands in the cup the opposing team must drink that cup then remove it from play. Once per game each team can call for a “re-arrange” which means the opposing team must create a new pyramid or something similar with their remaining cups.

This is one of those games that has really taken on a life of it’s own among certain social circles so make sure you know what rules you’ll be playing with.



#2 Frisknock


Frisknock is a popular game among campers and is simply a great way to toss a frisbee around while having a few casual drinks at the same time. Basically it involves two teams trying to throw a Frisbee at each other’s beer that’s propped up on a stake to try and knock it down. If you haven’t already played this game you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing about it last time your friends were bored around the campfire.


Two stakes or poles, two empty beer bottles, a frisbee and drinks.

Set Up:

Two wooden stakes or poles are driven into the ground about 30 feet apart. Then a team of two goes to each stake and places a bottle of beer at the top of it.

Frisknock Rules:

In turn each team throws a Frisbee trying to knock the other players beer bottle off the pole. A team scores 1 point by hitting the pole knocking the beer off but that point can be nullified if the opposing team catches the bottle before it hits the ground. A team scores 3 points by knocking the beer bottle off by hitting it directly but only if the opposing team fails to catch it before it hits the ground. Players can decide among themselves how many points they want to play to. Team members each drink 1 drink for each point scored against them and an additional drink for each time they fail to catch the Frisbee.


#3 FlunkyBall

FlunkyBall requires very few items and is a great time. There’s nothing better than watch a pile of adults scramble over a little plastic ball or beer cap. Basically the way it works is two teams gather on each side of the playing field and try to hit the target in the middle. Once someone succeeds their team must try and chug their beers before the opposing team can get the ball back to their side. And it’s exactly as messy and hectic as it sounds.


Bottled beer, 1 for every player. A target (Another bottle works great but anything can be used here) and a projectile. (This can also be anything but preferably something that can bounce like a ping pong ball.)

Set Up:

Find a nice big area to play in. Make sure teams are on opposite sides and place the projectile in the middle.


FlunkyBall Rules:

The play area should preferably be outside unless you happen to have a large open area in your home. The target is placed in the center of the area and both teams stand in a line on opposite sides of the area. Then teams alternate trying to throw the projectile at the target. A line should be made that players cannot cross when throwing. Make sure nobody opens their beers until the first hit is made. If the throw misses then play passes to the next team and nothing else happens. If the throw hits the projectile then everyone on the team of the throwing starts chugging their drink. The opposing team must now make a mad dash for the ball and pass it to someone on the other side of their throw-line and say “Stop!”. Once “Stop!” is said the other team must stop chugging and put their beers back down. The first team to successfully finish all their beers are crowned the winners.


#4 Shuffle Dice

Dice Toss -

Shuffle Dice is actually a game of our own creation. But don’t worry it’s tried and true. It’s a great game and can get unnecessarily competitive. The way it works is players try to slide or roll a die across the table and try to land it in their opponents scoring zone. The opponent can place his empty beer cans on the table to try and make it harder for the opponent to successfully land their die in the scoring zone.


Tape (or thread or anything to make a line with), dice, a long table and drinks.


Set up:

Place 2 lines of tape along about 12 inches from each end of the table. This will be the scoring zone for the opposing team. Then each player places two beer cans or bottles anywhere on their side of the table but outside of the scoring zone.


Shuffle Dice Rules:

Team captains roll to decide who gets to go first.

Once decided the starting team tries to throw the die into the opponents scoring zone where one of two things can happen.

  1. The die falls off the table or stops on the table outside of the scoring zone. The player that threw the die must drink and play passes to the opposing team.
  2. The die safely stops in the scoring zone. The team that made the throw scores points equal to the roll of the die. The opposing team must split up that many drinks. And play is passed to the opposing team.

During the course of this game whenever a player finishes a drink for any reason they are allowed to place it on the table as an additional beer mine. This means players can drink as much and as quickly as they want to try and get more beer mines on the table.The first team to reach 25 points wins unless the losing team calls “double or nothing”. This means point scoring and drinking are now doubled and it now becomes first to 50 points.



#5 Wisest Wizard

Wisest Wizards

This one is less of a game and more of an all night drinking rule. The reason this is best played outdoors is because it might end up being a pretty big mess and you don’t want to risk your new carpet. As the night goes on players must tape all their empty cans together and drink from a new can that’s tapes to the end of all of them. Thus creating a beer staff. At the end of the night whoever has the tallest staff is dubbed the wisest wizard.


Canned beers and duct tape

Wisest Wizard Rules:

Every time a player finishes a can of beer, instead of discarding it he uses it as a piece of his staff. When a new beer is opened it is places atop the staff and tapped to the stack of empty beer cans. So each new beer will make the staff grow larger. Whoever has the longest staff at the end of the night is dubbed the wisest wizard.


#6 Dodge Beer

Dodge Beer -

Dodge beer is much in the same vein as FlunkyBall. Except this version is a little smaller scale but much more intricate. Players race to hit the opponents cans with a ping pong ball and chug their beers as quickly as possible before their opponent can retrieve the ball and place it on one of their cans.


4 unopened beers, a ping pong ball, a table with enough room to run around it and drinks.

Set up:

Place 1 unopened can of beer on each corner of the table; 2 per team.


Dodge Beer Rules:

The aim of this game is to finish your beers before the opposing team. All teams must start with one closed beer in each corner, 2 per team. Teams alternate turns throwing. If a player hits a can on the opposing side then his team mate can start chugging his corner beer. The other team must now retrieve the ping pong ball and place it on one of their own cans and say “Stop!” in order to stop the chugging.

If the ball knocks a can off of the other end of the table and hits the ground then it must be replaced with a full beer, beers hit this way can be caught before they hit the ground and placed back on the table.

If a player can manage to catch the ball after it hits his can, but before it hits another surface he can start chugging his beer and running around the table until an opposing player chases him and tags him to make them stop.


#7 Flip Cup

Flip Cup

Although this game can be played indoors, maybe it’d be best to take all the spilling outside. Flip Cup serves one general purpose; to see who chugs beer quicker. Teams of players stand at opposing ends of the table and once it’s their turn they must race to chug their beer and flip their cup before the next player can go. Once all players on one team have finished they are crowned the victors.


Plastic cups and drinks.


Flip cup is a team drinking game. Two equal teams are formed, one at each end of the table. Each player puts the same amount of beer or alcoholic drink in their cup in front of them and leaves it there until their turn. Generally this game is kicked off with a cheers or some sort of chant. Once started one player from each team at the same end of the table chug their drinks. Once the drink is finished the empty cup is placed partially off of the table and the player must try to flip the cup and get it to land on the other end. When a player successfully flips the cup then the next player on the team can begin to chug their drink and flip their cup. First team to have each player successfully flip their cup wins the game.


#8 Giant Drunk Jenga

What’s better than drunken Jenga? You guessed it. Giant Drunken Jenga. This game requires quite a bit of prep but it’s well worth it. Basically what you want to do is cut a bunch of 2×4 pieces of wood into small equal pieces. These are then used to play a large version of the classic drinking Jenga. I’m not sure why it’s funner when it’s gigantic, but it is.


Giant Jenga blocks, and drinks

Drinking Jenga Rules:

Before the game starts make sure there is a rule written on each piece. After this play proceeds as normal. Players take turns removing blocks from the tower and placing them on top. Making sure to do whatever the rule says when they pull the block. Whoever knocks down the tower loses and must chug a full beer as consequence.

If you’re stumped and can’t think of any rules to put on the blocks feel free to visit our rule idea page here.


#9 Beer Relay

Beer Relay -

Beer Relay is the ultimate test of endurance. Basically the prep of this game involves 3-4 players per team who each stand about a quarter mile apart. Everyone starts with a full beer. At the count of 3 players chug a beer and begin the race.


2 beer for each player and tonnes of open space

Set Up:

Each team should have 1 team mate with a closed full beer waiting at each checkpoint. At the count of 3 all the players at the start line must chug a beer and then race to their waiting team mates at the first checkpoint. Once they get there they can start racing to the next set of players. Once the last teammate reaches the finish line he must chug a second beer and race back. The race then proceeds to the start line just as before, each player chugging a second beer before running again.


#10 BucketBall

BucketBall is an enlarged version of the Beer Pong. It follows the same theory that games are just funner when they’re bigger. This is one of those games you whip out at a part or festival and by the end of the game you have a crowd of people watching waiting for their turn. It involves using full size buckets, a larger ball, and standing at a greater distance but basically plays out the same as regular beer pong.


A BucketBall set (12 buckets and a medium sized ball) and drinks.


It follows the same general rules as beer pong. Players take turns throwing the ball at the opposing teams buckets. If they sink one the bucket is removed and the opposing team must drink. Once per game players can ask for a re-arrange to get the opposing team to restock the buckets however they want. When a team is out of buckets they must finish their drinks.



There you have it. What we consider to be the best ways to get drunk in the great outdoors. If you can think of any more great outdoor drinking games or have any guffs with the ones we included feel free to message us through our contact-us page. Cheers!