FlunkyBall Rules

10 Best Outdoor Drinking Games -

FlunkyBall is one of the funnest ways that you and a group of friends can polish off a beer. It requires a few items and some nice weather but if you have everything you need handy it’s a blast. It does require at least 6 players to be worth playing in my opinion and the more the merrier.

Unlike a lot of other drinking games the winning team is the one that drinks more. For this reason it’s important that everyone is drinking out of the same type of container. Preferably bottles since they take a bit longer to chug. Beyond that everything in this game can be substituted with whatever you have handy.



Bottled beer, 1 for every player. A target (Another bottle works great but anything can be used here) and a projectile. (This can also be anything but preferably something that can bounce like a ping pong ball.)

Set Up:

Find a nice big area to play in. Make sure teams are on opposite sides and place the projectile in the middle.

FlunkyBall setup -



In FlunkyBall players race to finish their drinks by chugging them whenever they hit the target. The other players stop them from chugging by getting the ball and passing it back to their side.


FlunkyBall Rules:

The play area should preferably be outside unless you happen to have a large open area in your home. The target is placed in the center of the area and both teams stand in a line on opposite sides of the area. Then teams alternate trying to throw the projectile at the target. A line should be made that players cannot cross when throwing. Make sure nobody opens their beers until the first hit is made. If the throw misses then play passes to the next team and nothing else happens. If the throw hits the projectile then everyone on the team of the throwing starts chugging their drink. The opposing team must now make a mad dash for the ball and pass it to someone on the other side of their throw-line and say “Stop!”. Once “Stop!” is said the other team must stop chugging and put their beers back down. The first team to successfully finish all their beers are crowned the winners.


FlunkyBall is absolutely hilarious. Watching people fumble over a ball never gets old. It’s for sure one of the best ways to finish a quick beer. Plus almost anything can be used as a projectile and a target in this game so get creative! To make it more interesting we suggest getting the best players to be captains and take turns drafting team mates. Just make sure you have enough bottled drinks to go around!