Drinking Jenga Rule Ideas

Drunken Jenga

If you’re new to Drinking Janga (Drunk Jenga) the rules can be found here.


A large barrier for a lot of people being able to play Drinking Jenga is that not everyone wants to spend an hour coming up with rules for each of the 54 wooden blocks. So we decided to make it easier for you. Here’s our organized list of the best Drinking Jenga rules we could come up with! If you can think of any extras you would add feel free to use our contact form to let us know and we’ll be sure to credit you.


Drinking Jenga Rule Ideas

We’ve decided to break down the rules in three categories. Fun, Gameplay and Drinking. It’s good to go with a fairly even split of these categories. Feel free to repeat any brick rules you particularly enjoy.

Fun Rules: These rules are more about having fun than drinking.

  • Remove an article of clothing
  • Chose a player to remove an article of clothing
  • Do 10 pushups
  • Do 10 situps
  • Start a game of categories, loser drinks
  • For the rest of the game anyone who makes eye contact with you drinks
  • Make a rule
  • Mute. You may not talk for the rest of the game. Drink if you do.
  • Choose a player to give a lap dance until their next turn
  • Beer wench. You must now get everyone’s beers for them when they need one
  • Do a lap around the table
  • Never Have I Ever: Say something you have never done. Whoever has done that has to drink


Gameplay Rules: These rules effect the play of the game itself

  • Choose a player to do their next pull with their eyes closed
  • Pull another brick
  • Put this brick back where you got it and pull another one
  • Turn order is reversed
  • Choose someone to pull twice on their next turn
  • Choose a brick. Nobody can pull that brick for the rest of the game
  • You must play with your non dominant hand for the rest of the game
  • You must stand for the rest of the game
  • Everyone pulls two bricks on their turns
  • Choose a player to do their next pull while standing on one foot

Drinking Rules: These rules are strictly for drinking

  • Drink 5
  • Drink 3
  • Give 5
  • Give 3
  • Choose someone to drink 3
  • Finish your drink
  • Boys drink
  • Girls drink
  • Start a waterfall
  • Each player puts a bit of their drink into a glass and you must drink it
  • Choose another player. You give him any amount of drinks but must also take that many
  • Mate: Pick another player. Every time either of you drink you both drink instead

We hope these Drinking Jenga rule ideas helped lighten the load of having to start up this game. Cheers.