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BucketBall takes the classic Beer Pong and makes it large as life. It’s another testament to the fact that drinking games are just funner when they’re bigger. This is one of those games you whip out at a part or festival and by the end of the game you have a crowd of people watching waiting for their turn. It’s portable and it even floats so it makes for a great pool party drinking game.


Set up:

Players should stand a fair distance from each other and set up one their triangles of buckets.


Much like Beer Pong players aim to sink their ball in the opponents buckets and remove them from the game. First team to sink all the opposing teams buckets wins.

BucketBall Rules:

It follows the same general rules as beer pong. Players take turns throwing the ball at the opposing teams buckets. If they sink one the bucket is removed and the opposing team must drink. Once per game players can ask for a re-arrange to get the opposing team to restock the buckets however they want. When a team is out of buckets they lose and must finish their drinks.

Alternatively BucketBall can be played simply as a time waster at tail gates or beach parties instead of a drinking game. Unlike Beer Pong it holds up on it’s own as just a family friendly way to spend an afternoon.