Flip Cup

Flip Cup


Flip Cup is a staple at parties for many reasons but mainly because everyone likes to show off how quickly they can chug a beer. All it requires is some beer and plastic cups and you’re good to go. Something about this game brings out the competitive nature of players simply to see who can chug a beer and flip a cup faster.  Plus having a team aspect to the game really brings people together.


Plastic cups and drinks.


Flip cup is a game where two teams compete to chug their drinks and flip their cups first.


Flip cup is a team drinking game. Two equal teams are formed, one at each end of the table. Each player puts the same amount of beer or alcoholic drink in their cup in front of them and leaves it there until their turn. Generally this game is kicked off with a cheers or some sort of chant. Once started one player from each team at the same end of the table chug their drinks. Once the drink is finished the empty cup is placed partially off of the table and the player must try to flip the cup and get it to land on the other end. When a player successfully flips the cup then the next player on the team can begin to chug their drink and flip their cup. First team to have each player successfully flip their cup wins the game.

This is another one of those games that has gathered a significant following. Tournaments are held all over the world and you can bet you’ll find people playing it at any kind of large scale drinking event. It’s a great way to introduce people to each other and get people animated. Plus it’s always a good time watching the biggest toughest guy at the party swearing at a plastic cup for not flipping like he wants it to.  It’s an absolute blast but be careful. It’s easy to get caught up playing this game and forget just how many beers you’ve chugged while wondering why you’re only getting worse at flipping the cup.