How To Play Frisknock

Frisknock Rules from The Chuggernauts

The game of Frisknock (Sometimes spelled Fris-Nok) is very simple in concept. Hit the opponents bottle with the Frisbee. All you need is two poles, a Frisbee and beer.

This game is best played at a cabin or campground. It takes a fair amount of space to place and grass is your friend when trying not to break any beer bottles.


Two stakes or poles, two empty beer bottles, a frisbee and drinks.

Set Up

Two wooden stakes or poles are driven into the ground about 30 feet apart. Then a team of two goes to each stake and places a bottle of beer at the top of it.


Players take turns throwing the frisbee at the opponents beer to score points. First team to reach a set amount of points wins.

Frisknock Rules

In turn each team throws a Frisbee trying to knock the other players beer bottle off the pole. A team scores 1 point by hitting the pole knocking the beer off but that point can be nullified if the opposing team catches the bottle before it hits the ground. A team scores 3 points by knocking the beer bottle off by hitting it directly but only if the opposing team fails to catch it before it hits the ground. Players can decide among themselves how many points they want to play to. Team members each drink 1 drink for each point scored against them and an additional drink for each time they fail to catch the Frisbee.


Much like beer pong but to a lesser extent this game also bred a culture of people who play in tournaments with strict rules and prize money on the line. If you go on a walk through any given campsite on a sunny afternoon odds are you’ll see a few people enjoying this game and for good reason. It’s a little more active than the classic beer pong, with a little less drinking, but with all the competitive spirit. This game can be a great ice breaker on any kind of outdoor party or really anywhere with enough space to make a drunken dive across the lawn.

Frisknock is basically as close as you can get to playing a sport while drunk without wanting to vomit from exhaustion. It’s just the right amount of effort and is an ideal way to get people moving. Be careful though, this can easily turn into an all night obsession.