Beer Relay

Beer Mile -

Beer Relay or Beer Race is the ultimate test of endurance. Not only is it testing players speed to run a quarter mile but it’s also testing their ability to chug a beer once they get there. It requires a decent quite a bit of free space and some in shape players but it’s well worth the effort.

Beer Relay is a great game to introduce to anyone trying to host a beer Olympics or bachelor party as it forces players to be competitive and work together.



2 full beers per player.

Set up:

Decide on the length of your race. I’d suggest about 1/4 mile per player so if there was 5 players per teamit would be 1 and 1/4 miles. Get each player to stand at equal distance from eachother from start to end of the race. About 1 player from each team waiting at each 1/4 mile checkpoint. Each player should be holding 2 closed full beers before the race starts.


The goal is to get to the end of the race and back before the other team. While also making sure to chug a beer before each pass off. The first team to make it to the end and back first are the winners.


Beer Relay Rules:

On the count of 3 the players who are at the start must chug a beer. Once the beer is done they can start running to the first checkpoint and their waiting team mate. That team mate must now chug one of their beers and begin running to the next team mate. Once the last team mate reaches the finish line he must chug a second beer and start running back to the previous team mate and then the race goes all the way back to the start line as before. This way by the end of the race each player should have to have chugged 2 beers and raced twice. Whichever team completes all their beers and runs first is the winning team.


Beer Relay is a great way to add a little bit of healthy competition to a cabin party. It doesn’t sound all that hard but it gets pretty tough to keep pace with a stomach full of beer.