The Umbrella Academy Drinking Game

Umbrella Academy Drinking Game by

The Umbrella Academy is a supernatural show about a group of kids with mystical powers. So whether you’re watching it for the first time or re-watching some of your favorite episodes, this Umbrella Academy drinking game is sure to make it a fun experience.

Most of the drinking rules in this game will be whenever one of the 7 main cast members uses their special powers. This game should work on any of the seasons of this show so pick whichever episode you want and follow these easy drinking rules.

What You’ll Need To Play This Game

For this game all you have to do is put on an episode of the show and keep a steady supply of alcohol nearby.

Umbrella Academy Drinking Game Rules

Drink Whenever…

  • Anyone’s number is said
  • Claus gets high
  • Vanya takes a pill
  • Diego throws something
  • Number 5 warps
  • Vanya plays the violin
  • Allison tells a lie
  • Hazel and Cha Cha put on their masks

Finish Your Drink Whenever…

  • Someone important dies. (only named characters)

Overall this Umbrella Academy drinking game can be pretty heavy depending which episode comes on so make sure to take a break if you think you need one. Between Claus’ drug addiction and Number 5s constant jumps these drinking rules might come up pretty often. If you liked this game and wanted to play a game to another popular Netflix series we suggest trying out our American Vandal drinking game.