Sex Education Drinking Game Rules

The Sex Education Drinking Game by

This Sex Education drinking game is for the raunchy and awkward British Netflix series about a high school sex therapist. Given the constant sexual topics and foul language in this show we thought it would be perfect for some drinking rules.

Sex Ed follows Otis and his extremely embarrassing sex therapist mother as he tries to navigate high school. Things get a little weird when one of his friends convince him to use his second-hand sex therapy skills to open up a counseling service inside the high school. The show is every bit as awkward and raw as you would expect, so keep those drinks close by.

What You’ll Need To Play The Game

For this game you’ll need a Netflix subscription to watch the show and a good supply of drinks. This game is best enjoyed with some friends.

Sex Education Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Whenever…

  • There’s a sex scene
  • Eric checks someone out
  • Someone calls someone else “shit”
  • Adam assaults someone (verbally or physically)
  • There’s a dildo on screen (Or similar sex toy)
  • Someone mimes a blowjob
  • Someone’s masturbation session gets interrupted
  • Otis hears his mom moaning through the walls
  • Anyone says the word “Sex”
  • A school locker opens or closes

Hardcore Mode: If somehow this list of drinking rules isn’t enough, add in this rule. Drink for every euphemism of genitalia.

Not going to lie, this Sex Education drinking game is pretty intense, even without the hardcore mode rule. So make sure to drink plenty of water and take a break if you think you’ve had enough.