Messiah Drinking Game Rules

Messiah Drinking Game by

These drinking rules are for the hit drama Messiah. Messiah is a new show about a prophet who is leading a group of syrian refugees through the middle east. The show follows Eva Gellar as she tracks this fascinating and worrisome religious movement through the desert.

The Messiah drinking game has players drinking to all the religious references throughout the show like the constant mentions of God from the prophet. Plus there’s some additional drinking rules for common occurrences like RPG explosions and mentions of the holy land.

What You’ll Need To Play This Game

Just pop on any given episode of Messiah and follow these easy drinking rules. We recommend starting from the first episode since it’s pretty easy to get lost in a show like this. This game is best enjoyed with a few friends, but if you’re the type to drink and watch dramas in solitude then we won’t judge.

Messiah Drinking Game Rules

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • Anyone mentions God in any way
  • There’s a mention of Syria, Israel or the US
  • There’s an explosion on screen
  • A news broadcast is played
  • Anyone sends or receives a text message

Finish The Rest Of Your Drink Whenever

  • The Messiah escapes capture again

The way this Messiah drinking game usually plays out is that there will be a lot more drinking during the middle eastern scenes than the CIA scenes, so you get a nice break in between. However you should still make sure to use caution and never drink to excess. If you liked this game and want to check out more games to popular Netflix dramas, we suggest taking a look at our You drinking game.