The Refined Stranger Things Drinking Game

Stranger Things Drinking Game -

Stranger Things is a Sci-Fi horror show currently airing on Netflix. It follows a series of disappearances in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. This show quickly moves from the mundane daily lives of the people of Hawkins to the weird and super-natural. So grab a few drinks as we slowly learn the true nature of the mysterious Hawkins Natural Laboratory.

This show makes for a great drinking game. If you’re like me and do your best binge tv watching with a few beers than this is an easy pick.



Stranger Things and drinks


Players will drink during one of the many recurring scenes and themes in this series. There’s quite a few so make sure to get a few drinks ready.


Stranger Things Drinking Game Rules:

Drink One Whenever

  • There is a radio transmission
  • Someone drinks on screen
  • Someone writes off a supernatural event by trying to explain it logically
  • Someone uses telekinetic powers
  • Someone gets frustrated with the efforts of a police officer
  • Eleven has a nose bleed
  • The “Upside Down” is mentioned
    • Drink two if it’s shown on screen
  • Someone dies
  • Someone goes missing
  • An adult yells at or scolds a child
  • You notice a Bicycle
  • Anyone mentions Will by name
  • You spot an Eggo waffle
  • Joyce lights up a cigarette

Whenever a new song comes on, whoever names it first gets to give out a drink.


Our Stranger Things drinking game is simple yet powerful. Most of these rules come up fairly often so it will be pretty hard to keep up. There’s no drink finishing or shot taking rule this time around but don’t worry these rules will be more than enough. Plus if you’re familiar with your 80s pop and rock you should be able to give away a ton of drinks during the course of this series.