The Witcher Drinking Game

The Witcher Drinking Game by

This drinking game is for the Netflix television adaptation of The Witcher. (Not the original video game). The Witcher drinking game will have players drinking to all the carnage, swearing and corny dialogue throughout the show.

The Witcher is a fantasy drama about a monster slayer named Geralt of Rivia as he struggles to balance the world of politics and bounty hunting. Through a few chance encounters he begins to understand the corruption of the world in front of him. The show is full of intense battles and complex story lines. So grab a few drinks and get ready for an adventure.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re going to need to play this drinking game is a few drinks and a Netflix account to watch the show. Then just sit down with a few friends and follow these simple drinking rules.

The Witcher Drinking Game Rules

Take one sip of your drink whenever…

  • Geralt Of Rivia says “Hmm…”
  • Anyone is seen drinking a potion
  • A monster or person is slain
  • Someone says the word “destiny”
  • Battle music begins to play in the background
  • Anyone says “Witcher”
  • Someone uses magic

Take a big chug of your drink whenever someone drops an F-Bomb

Our The Witcher drinking game is pretty simple with only a few rules. But don’t worry they all come up a lot especially Geralts constant “hmm”s. There are some scene where multiple monsters or people are slain at once, if you lost count just chug until the carnage stops.

As with any drinking game you want to make sure to drink responsibly and if you are feeling overwhelmed consider taking a break. If you’re looking for more fantasy drinking action we suggest taking a look at our Game Of Thrones drinking game.