10 Drinking Board Games – A Great Way To Spice Up Classic Board Games

Drunkopoly Drinking Monopoly - The Chuggernauts

Our list of the best drinking board games was created for those of us with a love of board games. Sometimes family board game night isn’t gonna cut it and you want to relax with your buddies and get some drinks in you while you enjoy these classics. Our list contains everything from Monopoly to Settlers of Catan so weather you want an easy family game or a strategic battle of wits our list should have you covered.



We decided to do something a little different for our drinking Monopoly game. Basically this one involves players having to chug a cup of whatever is in the middle every time they get tossed in jail or land on Free Parking. It’s pretty simple but be careful it can get a little sloppy.

Drunkopoly Rules:

This variant plays out like regular Monopoly with the exception that players will place an empty glass in the middle and be forced to pour some of their drink in it, then some unlucky saps will have to drink it.

Passing Go: Whenever a player passes go, they get to pour as much of their drink into the central cup as they want to. Be cautious when doing this, you may have to end up drinking it.

Jail: Whenever a player winds up in Jail they must chug the entire central glass. They may not leave Jail until this glass has been finished.

Free Parking: Normally in Monopoly the Free Parking space is just an empty space. In Drinking Monopoly when someone lands on this space he points at a player and that player must drink the central pint glass. If they don’t want to drink it they are allowed to bargain with the player who assigned it and offer them monopoly money or properties to avoid drinking it.

Get out of jail free card: This card no longer exempts people from jail. Instead it’s used to avoid drinking the central cup once and then it is shuffled back into the deck.

Snake eyes: Rolling double 1s means you have to drink the central cup. Nice roll, no-roll.

Bankruptcy : Whenever a player loses the game and goes bankrupt, he must drink the central glass.


Battle Shots -

Battle Shots

Our battle ship drinking game adds a bit of extra risk. In this variant players also place 1 naval mine on the board and if the other player strikes that mine he must take a shot of hard alcohol. Beyond that players will also drink when one of their ships sinks.

Set Up:

Set up the game as normal, except add one white shot marker on your own side of the board before the game starts. Color a black dot on the back of the marker to distinguish it from the regular ones.

Battle Shots Rules:

The game carries out as normal except if any player strikes the other players naval mine they must take a shot of hard alcohol and then the player can replace the mine. Additionally players will drink every time one of their ships is sunk. The take sips equal to the size of the sunken ship.


Settlers Of Catan Drinking Game -

Settlers Of BeerCan:

Our drinking Settlers of Catan game involves playing a regular game of settlers and drinking for mistakes. Watch out though, if you lose by too many points you must finish your drink. To make things a little more interesting we made it so players will have to drink from other players’ drinks if they want to place the thief on their space.

Settlers of BeerCan Rules:

Drink whenever:

  • Someone else gains a victory point.
  • You have to discard cards because a 7 was rolled. Drink for every card discarded.
  • You roll doubles. Drink the number shown on the dice.
  • You trade resources with the bank. Drink for every resource traded in this way.
  • Someone takes your longest road or largest army card. Drink an additional 2 for losing 2 victory points.

At the end of the game drink the difference in points between you and the winner of the game. If it’s greater than 3 finish your drink.

Additional Rule – The Thief:

Whenever you place the thief you must drink one sip from each opponents drink who now borders the thief.


Yahtzee Drinking Game -

Yahtzee Schmahtzee

This yahtzee drinking game punishes players every time they roll a 1, and even more so when they lock it in. Also if anyone ends up getting a yahtzee they can designate another player to finish their drink.


Yahtzee Schmahtzee rules:

Drink one every time you roll a 1. If you have any 3s locked in at the final roll of your turn, you must drink 3 times for each 1 locked in. Additionally if any player rolls a Yahtzee he can designate someone to finish their drink.

At the end of the game players who didn’t win get punished based on the following chart.

  • If the player got 25 points less than first place, they must drink twice.
  • If the player got 50 points less than first place, they must drink 5 times.
  • If the player got 100 or more points less than first place, they must finish their drink.


Chess Drinking Game -

Drunken Chess

For those looking for something a little more strategic, there’s this drunken version of Chess. Perfect for 2 players, though this can also be played in teams. Basically the key difference in this game is not everyone is going to be starting with a full playing field. In fact players must take drinks before the game even starts to put their pieces on the board. Then when both players are ready to start they’ll already have a few beers in them and will be ready to make some poor strategic decisions.

Set Up:

Players get to decide how many pieces they want on the board to start the game, and they must be in their proper starting locations.The catch is players must drink for each piece placed at the start, which can lead to players placing more or less pieces depending on how much they want to drink to get an advantage. The only piece that’s automatically on the board is the king.

Drink costs:

  • Pawn – 1 Drink
  • Bishop – 3 Drinks
  • Knight – 3 Drinks
  • Rook – 5 Drinks
  • Queen – 9 Drinks

Once each player is done drinking and placing pieces the game is ready to start. From here it’s carried out as a regular game of chess. Players must drink once every time they lose a piece and the loser of the game must finish a full drink.


Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game -

Drinking Trivial Pursuit

This classic test of knowledge is only made better with a few beers to dull your wits. This trivial pursuit drinking game is pretty simple and to the point. Players play as normal, drinking for answering questions incorrectly and giving out drinks for gaining pie pieces. Where it gets interesting is the ability to “double down” and try to answer more questions to double the amount of drinks someone either gives or takes.

Drinking Trivial Pursuit Rules:

If you get a question correct you may assign one drink to a player.

If you get a question wrong take a sip, take two if it was for a pie piece you needed.

Whenever you gain a pie piece you may give out drinks equal to how many pie pieces you currently have. These can be divided out however you want.

At the end of the game, all the losers must finish their drinks.

Double Down Rule:

This rule allows players to call “Double Down” when they get a question right. This means that another question is asked in the same category and drinks are doubled. This can be repeated as many times as someone wants but if they eventually fail a question they must drink the total as well as not getting the pie piece they may have gotten.


Drunkin' Munchkin - A Munchkin Drinking Game -

Drunkin’ Munchkin

This drinking game challenges players by forcing them to take drinks equal to their level before they are allowed to level up. Additionally we added a rule that allows players to screw over other players for some heavy drinking costs.

Drunkin’ Munchkin drinking rules:

Leveling up:

Whenever a player levels up they must drink equal to the level they are reaching. So a player reaching level 5 must drink 5 sips. The player does not get to go up to the new level until these drinks are completed.

Leveling down:

If a player loses a level they must drink 3 times.

Re-Breaking down a door:

At any time when a player breaks down a door another player can chug a full drink to instead discard that card and force the player to draw a new one instead. Players can also use this ability on themselves to avoid drawing a card they don’t want. This drinking penalty might seem steep, but a few beers in and bad ideas start to look like good ones.

Reaching level 10 and winning the game:

When a player would reach level 10 they must chug a full drink in order to reach that level. Play continues as normal for the other players until the winning player finishes htheir drink. This gives other players a chance to catch up in this time, reach level 10 and finish their drink to steal the win.


Risk Drinking Game -

Risk – A Game Of Global Intoxication

Here’s a game that needed some board game drinking rules. Risk games can sometimes take an extremely long time and drag out for ages. So why not turn it into a party? This Risk Drinking Game has players drinking every time they lose a unit and gives out drinks for when the claim new units. It might not seem like much but I assure you it will pile up quickly. There’s also a drunken advantage rule that allows players to re-roll a die in exchange for a few drinks.

Risk Drinking Rules:

Players drink 1 every time they lose a unit

Whenever players claim units from owning continents, they give out drinks equal to how many units they got.

Whenever a player is eliminated they must finish their drink.

Drunken Advantage:

This rule allows players to re-roll any 1 die at any time for the cost of 3 drinks. It seems pretty steep for a single die roll but sometimes that’s all you need.


Sorry! Drinking game - The Chuggernauts


If anyone is revisiting this game as an adult, it probably makes sense to have a few beers in hand. This game is one of the simplest out there so it’s easy to add a few drinking rules and be able to casually play. Basically the game carries out as normal with players drinking for misfortunes.

Drink if:

  • You draw a 4
  • One of your pieces is sent to the start
    • Drink 2 if it’s from a Sorry
  • Another player gets one of his pieces to the Home space

Give a drink if:

  • One of your pawns escapes the start area
  • One of your pawns lands in the Home area
  • You land on a slide

At the end of the game players must also drink for each pawn that’s not in their home space. Plus an additional drink for each pawn still in the starting area.


Ticket To Ride Drinking Game -

Ticket To Ride – Drunken Conductin’ 

This one’s a little different and involves players drinking if their color comes up. Basically each player takes a train card at random and whenever trains are placed of that color they have to drink. There’s also additional drinking rules for scoring and for how much you lose by at the end of the game.

Set up:

At the start of the game each player must draw a train card at random then leave it face up in front of them for the rest of the game. If it’s rainbow redraw a new card until it isn’t.

Drinking rules:

Every time someone places a train, if anyone has the matching color in front of them they must drink for each train placed of that color.

Whenever a player passes you in points take a drink

Each time any player plays a rainbow colored train card each player must drink.

At the end of the game every player who didn’t come in first must have 1 drink for every 5 spaces away from first they are.



We hope these drinking board games keep you busy through that next game night. We’re constantly adding more games to our repertoire so make sure to check back often. If you have any comments or games you would love to see drinking versions of, drop us a line via our contact-us page. Cheers!