Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game

Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game -

The Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game has players drinking to the classic battle of knowledge, Trivial Pursuit. Trivial pursuit is a game of answering questions in hopes to win every category and make it to the center of the board. Filling up your pie with pie pieces along the way.

Trivial pursuit makes for a great drinking game because there’s nothing better than having a few beers and trying to keep your composure long enough to remember who won the bronze in the 1992 Olympics.


Any edition of trivial pursuit and drinks


Players drink for getting questions wrong and give out drinks for getting them right. Losers must finish a drink. Players can also call out “double or nothing” to raise the stakes.

Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game Rules:


This game plays out like a regular game of Trivial Pursuit. Players roll around the board trying to get the pie pieces to win the game. There is however some added drinking rules.

If you get a question correct you may give one drink to a player. Otherwise drink one yourself. Drink 2 if this was for a pie piece you didn’t have.

Whenever you gain a pie piece you may give out drinks equal to how many pie pieces you currently have. These can be divided or given to one player.

At the end of the game, all the losers must finish their drinks.

Additional Rule, Double or nothing:

This rule allows players to call “Double or nothing” when they get a question right. This means that another question is asked in the same category and drinks are doubled. This can be repeated as often as someone wants but if they eventually fail a question they must drink the total as well as not getting the pie piece they may have gotten.


The Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game turns this usually pretty slow paced game into a high stakes drinking board game. As players get drunk enough it’s a matter of time until someone gets over-confident and calls out “double or nothing” one too many times and ends up with a ton of drinks to be had.