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Drunkin’ Munchkin – A Munchkin Drinking Game

Drunkin' Munchkin - A Munchkin Drinking Game -

This drinking game is for the classic Steve Jackson tabletop game Munchkin. For those who haven’t played it yet it’s incredibly simple, bust down doors, kill monsters, and be the first player to reach level 10. Players take turns equipping items and classes to try and give themselves a boost for when their friends inevitably turn against them to beat them to that elusive level 10.

But wouldn’t this game be a little funner if you were hammered? The answer, as with every other board game, is yes. Yes it would. So we came up with a set of drinking rules that allow players to drink during the game as well as a few rules that allow players to screw each other over in exchange for drinks. So if you thought this game was full of backstabbing before get ready to double down.



The game Munchkin and drinks. Any expansions can be used as well.

Set up:

This version is set up exactly the same as a normal game of Munchkin.


Players must drink every time they gain a level, equal to the level they are reaching. If they do not then they are not allowed to advance to that level. Players may also try to screw each other over but must face some pretty heavy drinking penalties to do so.


Munchkin Drinking Game Rules:

Leveling up:

Whenever a player levels up he must drink equal to his new level. So a player reaching level 5 must drink 5 sips. The player does not get to go up to the new level until these drinks are completed.

Leveling down:

If a player loses a level he must drink 3 times.

Breaking down a door:

At any time when someone breaks down a door another player can chug a full drink to instead discard that card and force the player to draw a new one instead. Players can also use this ability on themselves to avoid drawing a card they don’t want.

Reaching level 10 and winning the game:

When a player reaches level 10 he must chug a full drink in order to reach that level. Play continues as normal for the other players until the winning player finishes his drink. This gives other players a chance to catch up in this time, reach level 10 and finish their drink to steal the win.


This munchkin drinking game focuses on making players get drunk in order to hinder the success of others. It works great and is a fantastic way to spice up this already tense game. It’s a fair amount of drinking even if you’re not chugging drinks in order to make players redraw their cards. To spice things up players can always try to barter with drinks and trade away items in exchange for other players taking their next drinks for them. Contrary to most other drinking games, here it’s usually the winner who ends up the most drunk.