Sorry! Drinking Game

Sorry! Drinking game - The Chuggernauts

Sorry makes for one of the best drinking games because it’s easy to play and doesn’t require a ton of concentration. Players play the game as normal with a few exceptions that cause a player to drink.


The Sorry board game and drinks.

Set up:

Set up the game as normal. Place all your pieces in the start space and shuffle the deck.

Sorry Drinking Rules:

Rules are the same as normal Sorry with added drinking rules. Draw cards and try to get all your play pieces in the home space.

Drink if:

  • You draw a 4
  • Someone sends one of your pieces back to start.
    • Drink 2 if it’s from a Sorry
  • If someone slides into you knocking you back to start
  • Another player gets one of his pieces to the Home space

Give a drink if:

  • One of your pawns escapes the start area
  • One of your pawns lands in the Home area
  • You land on a slide

At the end of the game players must also drink for each pawn that’s not in their home space. Plus an additional drink for each pawn still in the starting area.