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Ticket To Ride Drinking Game

Ticket To Ride Drinking Game -

The Ticket To Ride Drinking Game is for people who want to have a few beers while they play the 2004 Spiel Des Jahres winner Ticket To Ride. This game has players playing the game as normal with some added drinking rules to keep things interesting. This should work with any version of Ticket To Ride.

For those that have never played it Ticket To Ride is a game where players race to make the most efficient train routes and connect their destination cards to end up with the most victory points. The drinking version will have players drinking as the game progresses and even more so if they are in last place.



The Ticket To Ride board game and drinks.


Ticket To Ride Drinking Game Rules:

These drinking game rules are separated into two categories; Color drinks and Scoring drinks.


At the start of the game each player must pick a color of train car card (not rainbow). Players may take a train card in front of them to remind themselves which color they are.

As the game progresses every time any player places a train of your chosen color you must drink for each train car he or she places. Additionally if any rainbow cards were used every player must drink for each rainbow card.


Whenever a player surpasses you in points you must take a drink.

At the end of the game each player must take 1 drink for every 5 points away they are from the winner.


The Ticket To Ride Drinking Game is a great way to enjoy this classic and get a few drinks in you at the same time. There is however many different versions of this game but they all involve a lot of the same rules so they should all work just fine. The drinking game itself doesn’t require too much drinking unless you get skunked and wind up miles behind the leading player.


Please remember to Drink Responsibly. It’s not worth risking your personal health over a drinking game.