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Risk – The Game Of Global Intoxication

Risk Drinking Game -

This Risk Drinking Game is a great solution for anyone who wants to spice up this classic game. And well, since you’ll be playing for the next 6 hours you may as well make a party out of it. It follows all the original rules of risk except with some added drinking rules to help keep it interesting. There’s nothing wrong with a little drunken diplomacy.


The Game Of Risk, and drinks of choice.

Set up:

Set up Risk as you normally would.


Players play a game or risk where they must drink whenever they lose an army and eliminated players must down their whole drink.


Risk Drinking Rules:

While most of the rules remain the same as regular risk the stakes are raised in that players must drink for making mistakes. Once the game is set up there there will be a few drinking games added in.

  • Whenever a player loses a unit he must take a sip of his drink.
  • Whenever a player claims units for having a whole continent under their control he gets to give out drinks equal to units gained this way.
  • Once eliminated a player must finish the rest of their drink.

Optional rule; Drunken advantage

This optional rule gives players an advantage in exchange for taking drinks. At any point in the game any player can reroll 1 die if they take 3 sips of their drink. Sure it sounds like a lot now but by the end of the game dumb ideas start to sound like good ones.



We highly recommend using the optional drunken advantage rule. It really adds a layer to the game where the most confident players gain a quick lead only to have to bow out before the end of the game because they went too hard too early.

Overall this Risk drinking game is quite a bit of drinking even without the optional rule. It’s not surprising to see players bow out way before the game is finished. So please remember to Drink Responsibly.