The Settlers Of Catan Drinking Game

Settlers Of Catan Drinking Game -

The Settlers Of Catan Drinking Game has players drinking to the Klaus Teuber’s Catan. This drinking game is played exactly the same as the original version with some added drinking rules. Players collect resources to try  and expand their settlement and be the first player to get 10 points or more.

The Drinking version of this game includes rules that cause players to drink when certain events happen and then have to finish their drink if they don’t come close enough to 10 points. It’s a great way to raise the stakes in this classic game.



A Copy of Settlers Of Catan and drinks.



Players play the game Settlers Of Catan as normal and must take a drink for each of the following events in the meantime. At the end of the game if anyone is more than 3 points away from victory they must finish their beer. There’s also an optional variant that includes players drinking for the thief.


Settlers Of Catan Drinking Game Rules:

Drink whenever:

  • Someone else gains a victory point. Players can chose to reveal their free VP cards to make everyone drink.
  • You have to discard a card. Drink for every card discarded.
  • You roll doubles. Drink the number shown on both dice.
  • You trade resources with the bank. Drink for every resource traded this way.
  • Someone takes your longest road or largest army card. Drink an additional 2 for losing 2 victory points.

At the end of the game drink the difference in points between you and the winner of the game. If it’s greater than 3 finish your drink.

Optional Rule – The Thief:

Whenever you place the thief you must drink one sip from each opponents drink who now borders the thief.


The Settlers Of Catan Drinking Game is a great way to enjoy this classic while getting a buzz on at the same time. It’s not a whole lot of drinking unless you’re a total muppet and can’t come anywhere close to victory. So do as the old settlers used to do; get drunk and figure it out from there!